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Longmuir called Kennedy to join Freo

Dockers coach Justin Longmuir has confirmed he attempted to poach Eagles goal kicking great Josh Kennedy.

Kennedy turned down the offer, with his sights instead set on extending his extraordinary career with the Eagles into a 15th season.

“I put out the feelers about maybe an off-field role earlier in the off-season,” Longmuir said on Melbourne radio, 3AW.

“And he made it really clear that he wanted to play on again and that him and West Coast would come to probably a one-year deal.

“Once he’s finished his playing career I’ll ask him again and see if he wants to come over, because I’ve seen how he can be with the younger players and he’s great at imparting his experiences and knowledge onto younger players.

“So I think he’s someone who could help us down the track, but that will have to wait at least another year or two.”


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