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Margetts "umbrage" to Greene comments

AFL Umpire Dean Margetts has taken "umbrage" to comments made in relation to the umpiring groups perceived officiating of a different way towards GWS Giant Toby Greene.

Speaking on #SportsLine Margetts believed there was no way that an umpire would have that type of mindset.

"There's somewhat 400 odd players who go out each weekend and play if we took the time to go through every player and work out who we were going to have a set against and who we wouldn't we'd never be able to go out and do our job properly. Margetts said.

"I don't think an umpire ever has time to think about that in a game. Sometimes we are going to decisions wrong for players and sometimes we might get them wrong for Toby, I'd be staggered if an umpire went out there with a set against a certain player."

"Rightly or wrongly Toby creates a bit controversy with how he plays the game, he plays on the edge, he's a highly talented player but there's no way an umpire goes out there and says we are going to knock Toby off for four free kicks that just doesn't happen.

"It does not enter our minds and if anyone thinks otherwise it's a bit of a slap on the integrity and the credibility of the umpiring group to be honest."

Meanwhile, WA based Boundary Umpire Nathan Doig umpires his 300th AFL game this weekend.



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