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Marsh primed for 2020-21 summer

Western Australian Men’s Cricket team captain and Australian All-Rounder Mitch Marsh has returned a refreshed and rejuvenated cricketer, as he and his team mates prepare for the 2020-21 summer.

Having missed a chunk of last summer with a broken hand sustained after punching a wall following a dismissal in a Sheffield Shield match last October, Marsh has set his sights on trimming down heading in to next season.

“It’s actually really exciting. The opportunity to have five months with the WACA group at home, it’s going to be really exciting to see how our group progresses over the winter,” Marsh told Sports Drive on Wednesday.

“From a leadership perspective my focus is making sure I’m around and doing everything I can to make sure WA cricket is in a good place come the start of the season.”

27 year old Marsh has been training with his cousin West Coast Eagles defender Brad Shepperd over recent months, with both men looking to keep themselves in shape during a period of down time.

“It’s actually been really nice to spend a bit of time with Brad. Our games sort of take us away from each other, so I did a few running sessions with him down at Cottesloe a couple of times.” Marsh said.

“He wasn’t allowed to train in more than groups of two, so we did a few running sessions. It was really great. I bought a pair of footy boots and kicked the footy with him a couple of times. He’s kept super fit over that time so look forward to seeing how the Eagles go.”

Marsh reflected on the disappointment of being out of action for a chunk of last summer, and how it was driving him for 2020-21.

“It was a very frustrating time,” he said.

“Injuries happen in sport, but when it’s self-inflicted it was the first injury I’ve had like that in my career, and in my life. Pretty hard to watch really, but time went pretty quick, I did everything I possibly could.

“It was nice to finish off the season playing for Western Australia, the Scorchers and getting another chance for Australia.”

Marsh admitted that the current restrictions and uncertainty surrounding a return to cricket made things more difficult for cricketers worldwide, but backed his state side to be ready come the start of next season, whenever that date may be.

“I think it’s really important that all of us in the Western Australian team and everyone that’s going to be playing for Australia is ready to go,” he said.

“We could be starting in a couple of month’s time; we could be starting in October. We just don’t know. It’s about staying ready, doing everything we can to improve and work on the things we need to work on and be ready for the start of the season.”

WA’s Optus Stadium was overlooked for a Test match as part of the India series later this year, instead handed a Test against newcomers Afghanistan.

Marsh said while it was disappointing for the state, the opportunity to host a fledgling cricket nation would be a good one.

“The opportunity to play Afghanistan is still a huge honour for all us players and you definitely hope you are there. I’m sure Western Australian people will get out there and it will still be a spectacle. Any sport at the new stadium is fantastic,” he said.

“It does seem a little bit weird to think that we’ve got one of the best stadiums in the world, not only for cricket but for any sport or entertainment. With such a big series against India, not utilising the opportunity to showcase that does seem a little bit weird.

“You have to accept that and move on. Hopefully in time, Perth Stadium will get to host more of the big teams and as a state we can show off one of our biggest draw cards in Western Australia now.”

IMAGE: The West Australian.


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