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Mayne ponders coaching future

Magpie Chris Mayne has expressed his aspirations of one day wanting to be a senior coach post his playing career.

The 31-year-old signed a one-year extension in February to keep him at the Pies until the end of 2021 but firmly has the next chapter in sight.

Speaking on #SportsLine Mayne said staying in Melbourne for the remainder of his playing career was the best thing for his family right now.

"Thinking about being in WA hasn't really crossed my mind but since having our little girl probably the pull of family and for them to be a part of her life is pretty significant but we understand that for our future it's here in Melbourne at the moment until footy's done." Mayne said.

"If other opportunities come up like I still want to be a senior coach one day, I want to be a coach when I finish and if opportunities open up back in WA then that would be amazing but it's all about supporting my family and that's where I'm at."

Mayne said in the early days at the Pies showing how versatile he was after being dropped back to the VFL opened more doors to get back into the AFL side.

"It was really going to take time to build relationships, people think it's so easy when you get to a new club, once you've got that relationship and you feel kind of wanted and needed and difference of a player you can be is incredible.

The former Docker also believed that all AFL clubs acknowledge the travel that interstate sides do have to do but from his experience with Fremantle that it galvanised the group more.

"You got to see that from West Coast in 2018 they went everywhere and got the job done because they were a close knit unit so it can work both ways."

IMAGE: Collingwood FC

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