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McGinnity to lead Royals

Patrick McGinnity will lead East Perth into the shortened 2020 WAFL season being appointed skipper to replace the retired Kyle Anderson.

Jackson Ramsay has been elevated to vice-captain in a first time leadership role.

Former Eagle McGinnity said it was a daunting experience to captain the club on his own after sharing the role with Anderson.

"I rely on Shaggy a lot, he’s a great mate of mine and a great leader. The opportunity means a lot and I’m ready for a big year with that sort of responsibility."

“I see myself as an action based leader. I don’t talk a lot unless I really need to.

“I sort of rely on the vice-captain and leadership group to do most of the talking but when we need to step up and play and train with intensity, I like to think that I try to lead the charge from that perspective.”

IMAGE: Perth Now


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