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McGuire resigns as Pies President

Eddie McGuire's 22 year reign as President of the Collingwood Football Club is over, stepping down from his post on Tuesday.

McGuire, who took over as Pies President in October of 1998 from Kevin Rose has been under pressure to step aside earlier than initially planned after severe backlash erupted from his response to a damning report that accused Collingwood of fostering “systemic racism” which hastened that exit.

McGuire had been set to depart the role at the end of 2021, but instead relinquished the role before the season starts.

“I try my best, and I don't always get it right. But I don't stop trying,” he said to open the press conference.

“But today, effectively immediately, I step down as the president of the Collingwood Football Club.”

McGuire had been set to depart the role at the end of 2021, but instead relinquished the role before the season starts.

McGuire had been under pressure to leave his post in the wake of the club's 'Do Better' report and investigation into racism, which included a press conference where the president copped criticism for labelling it a “proud day” for Collingwood.

It prompted an open letter signed by politicians and Indigenous leaders calling for his immediate resignation.

“I don't think that is now either fair or tenable for the club or the community (for me to continue),” McGuire admitted.

“People have latched on to my opening line last week and I've become a lightning rod for vitriol.

“Our sponsors, who also stand united against any form of racism, are also under pressure.”

Speaking at Tuesday’s announcement, McGuire went through a list of his achievements during his more than two decades at the helm, maintaining Collingwood was “not a racist club”.

“The CFC 'Do Better' report is an acknowledgement that our club, our game, and our country have not always got it right,” McGuire said.

“For our part, we have always sought to do our best. But that hasn't always been good enough. And for that we are sorry.

Collingwood made six Grand Finals during McGuire's tenure, winning the 2010 premiership in the Grand Final replay against St Kilda after playing out a draw in the Grand Final.

The media personality broke down in tears during his resignation announcement, thanking every coach of Collingwood and his love for football.

Collingwood will now begin the quest to find McGuire's successor.

IMAGE: The Australian.

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