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More needs to be done to get spin bowlers into the game: Zampa

Australian limited overs spinner Adam Zampa believes more can be done to help spin bowlers around the country.

Speaking on #SportsLine Zampa believed the advent of drop-in pitches around the country is not helping his craft. When asked were the wickets around the country were aiding development of spin bowlers Zampa said

"the simple answer would be, no."

"It's a difficult one we've had to go down the road of drop in pitches at most of the venues now so spin bowing has been taken out of the equation a little bit.

"There's no rough, they don't deteriorate like normal wickets would so we play a different role a lot of times we see ourselves not playing or be in a position where aren't able to be effective enough to have a bowl so I think something does need to be done, we need to try and get spin bowlers back in the game."

Last week it was reported that Zampa was leaving South Australia and heading home to New South Wales.

"I've always been willing to get out of my comfort zone, my ultimate goal is to still play Test cricket so first-class cricket is still really important to me, I am willing to explore my options but with that ultimate goal in mind then if South Australia is the best place for me or going home to New South Wales or playing in Victoria I just have to keep that ultimate goal in mind."

Zampa was due to be married in April but due to COVID- 19 restrictions it has been put on hold but the 28-year-old was not too concerned by it.

"I think it will be a silver lining, Harriet and I have both got over it very quickly, we've both ready to get married next year and I guess we can enjoy the preparation side of things as well."



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