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No Locker Room Lawyers At Wildcats - Roth

Perth Wildcats assistant and former NBA coach Scott Roth admits he was confused as to why the clash against the Brisbane Bullets was delayed by 25 minutes on Sunday in the NBL.

"It was my first experience of doing something like that over here. I didn't know that they couldn't have two games on at the same time!" Roth exclaimed on Sports Breakfast. "Our players reacted very well and got off to a good start. They just killed time in the locker room before the game, but it didn't really affect us overall, but those situations are unfortunate, especially for the fans that have paid the money to come in there."

Roth also described how impressed he was by the camaraderie within the team and believes it will hold them in good stead leading into the playoffs.

"The two veteran guys in Wagstaff and Damo are invaluable across the board, in stability and the cerebral-ness (sic) of how they play. Our group intelligence as a team is very very high - one of the highest I've been around," said the former Raptors assistant. "Sometimes when we lose, it's amazing to see these guys come in the next day focused on what they need to do - there's no locker-room lawyers, no stabbing behind the back - they just know if they put the work on the results will come. It's been fun to watch them."

IMAGE: Perth Wildcats

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