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No WAFL season still an option

WAFL club President's and CEO's will meet on Tuesday night along with the WAFC to attempt to finalise what the season may look like in 2020.

A nine-game home and away season with or without finals is on the table however East Perth CEO Dean Turner told #SportsLine that no WAFL season is still being discussed.

"That's very much an option." Turner said when asked if no WAFL football in 2020 was a possibility.

"No season has been raised, we've been desperately waiting for the WAFC and their financial models are because they are key to keeping club afloat and their ability to set up hardship funds becomes very important."

When asked about the amount of money that could be lost Turner revealed it could be in the $100,000's.

"If for example we were able to get a nine game season and receive the full funding from the WAFC then it would for our club around $300,000. If the footy commission don't manage our full funding then we are looking at $400-450,000 and if there were no games then around $200-300,000."

Turner believed that East Perth couldn't absorb a loss of up to $400,000 if that ended up being the case and there was lots of variables to determine whether clubs would come out the other side of the pandemic.

IMAGE: East Perth FC


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