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NRL given go ahead for May 28

The NRL have been given the green light to recommence their season on May 28.

NRL commissioner Wayne Pearce confirmed the news on Wednesday afternoon.

"What we achieved today was a lot more clarity around the medical process and what those protocols are," Pearce said.

"What was also confirmed, that the competition points that had been earned in the first two rounds will carry over to the extended competition.

"Everyone is supportive of what we're doing. Everyone is unified into getting back on the field.

"We feel like we owe it to not just the players and coaches but the thousands of staff members at various clubs and associated industries that are out on the unemployment lines too."

The structure of the competition is yet to be finalised however the non-NSW teams will need to camp in NSW but Pearce admitted the landscape was changing pretty quickly.

Options are still being work through to be able to get the Warriors over from New Zealand.

IMAGE: Canberra Times


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