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NRL set May 28 as a return date

The ARL commission has approved a resumption of the NRL competition and also a three game State of Origin series.

Matches are set to resume on May 28 but the competition structure is yet to be determined.

The NRL will continue to hold negotiations with the Queensland, Victorian and New Zealand governments about what restrictions may be in place come the end of May.

ARL commissioner Wayne Pearce said the date announcement was just the starting point.

"The details on the competition structure we haven't got yet because the landscape is changing around government boundaries. That will feed into the complexity structure. Pearce said.

"Today what we landed on was a starting date.

"We haven't finalised what that [competition] looks like yet. Why we want to firm up a date is to give certainty to players and their schedules, clubs and thousands of people who are out of work through clubs and millions of fans.

"It's a mark for everyone to work towards that's associated with the game."

Earlier on Thursday broadcaster Channel 9 excused the NRL of mismanagement of funds over the years.

Commenting on 9's statement Pearce said "They're a key partner for us and we intend to fulfil our contractual obligations. We hope to maintain a working relationship that will work for both parties."



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