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Ockerden and Grinham named dual flag-bearers

Australian men's hockey co-captain Eddie Ockerden and squash veteran Rachael Grinham have been named as flag-bearers for the Commonwealth Games.

Ockerden has three gold medals from thee games while Grinham has been to six games for two golds.

The 35-year-old will be the second Kookaburra in a row to the lead following Mark Knowles honour back on the Gold Coast in 2018.

In an incredible feat Ockerden has never lost a match at a Commonwealth Games.

Grinham said she couldn't believe she had reached Birmingham.

"I probably thought the last one, Gold Coast, was going to be my last (Games), but here I am again, and I really wasn't expecting this at all," Grinham said.

"And I couldn't imagine a higher highlight basically in my career."

About 250 Australian athletes and staff are expected to march in the opening ceremony on Friday morning.



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