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Optus Stadium ready to go

Optus Stadium is prepared to host multiple matches in coming weeks as the AFL eyes turn on Perth when Geelong and Collingwood meet on Thursday night.

Stadium CEO Mike McKenna speaking on #SportsLine said the venue was preparing for a number of matches in quick succession.

"We're anticipating two games per weekend most weekends but we also have some weekends where we are expecting to play three games.

"We know the AFL are considering playing some midweek matches to try and compress the season. It's a little bit harder here in bringing teams over with quarantine periods but I expect we'll get at least one round where there is a midweek round."

In recent weeks attention had turned to who could host the AFL Grand Final if Melbourne was unable to due to increased COVID -19 cases.

Sydney's ANZ Stadium has been named as a possible destination point and McKenna believed that Perth was best placed to host the match if Melbourne couldn't.

"Yeah I was interested to hear those comments." McKenna said.

"There's a new venues management structure in NSW and there's obviously a few people in there that decided it was about time to make a statement about bringing events to NSW."

"We don't think there is a great case for NSW, if we are in a competition we want to make sure we win it."

McKenna said Optus Stadium and the AFL had not had a conversation specifically about hosting the Grand Final and they know when the time comes the AFL will involve them in the conversation.

Every second row will be filled at the venue whilst only 50% capacity crowds are allowed and McKenna encouraged fans to pre buy tickets and over a third can already been sold.


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