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Pavlich has say on money debate

Former AFLPA President Matthew Pavlich has weighed in on the debate as to what players should earn during the COVID -19 AFL shutdown.

Speaking on #SportsLine Pavlich believed the players should be taking no pay or a significant cut during the first couple of months of the shutdown.

"I think they should (the players) take a significant cut right now and I mean really significant when the fellow people at a footy club are unemployed or are stood down without pay they should be taking a similar type of scenario." Pavlich said.

Currently the AFL and the AFLPA have agreed to players taking a 50% cut during the time before May 31 when the AFL believes the competition may be able to resume.

The two parties are unable to agree on what should happen post June 1.

The six-time All-Australian did however believe that the players should review after the initial couple of months so they are not beholder to the AFL if the competition does get up and running again.

Pavlich also explained his disappointment about the way the two parties had been unable to come to an agreement when there is a need for a quick resolution.

"In a time where things are so uncertain and there's a need for speed they haven't been on the same page which is a bit disappointing I must say."

"Having worked closely with the AFL on the last CBA it was a long and tough process but it was collaborative and it was all on the same page in terms of public messaging."

"The problem is they are trying to squeeze negotiations when they don't have a lot of time and it's changing every sort of hour or two."

IMAGE: Fox Sports


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