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Peos content with players pay deal

Former West Coast Eagle and current player manager Paul Peos is happy with the AFL and AFLPA agreement for players to take a 50 per cent pay cut through until May 31st, but believes that the entire industry will be impacted long-term by the shortened AFL season.

The 52 year old also acknowledged the deal would have different financial impacts on different players at both ends of the pay scale.

"Not every player out of the 850 (listed AFL players) are in the same circumstances," Peos told Sports Drive on Friday.

"Percentage terms won't be just the element, there will be lots of other things in supports and allowances for relocated rookies and details around different elements of contracts that all sit in there."

"What I'm most pleased about is that there is an in-principal agreement between the parties."

"The boys have got some security for the next couple of months, and then it will be a reassessment of what things look like moving forward."

"The industry will be smaller in future."

Peos, who is the managing director of Inside 50 Player Management and manages Richmond utility Sydney Stack among other AFL players , said the impact of a cancelled or a delayed season could have significant ramifications for player contracts.

"Contracts expire on the 31st October, and I suspect that we might be playing football up until the end of November or in to December," he said.

"So there's got to be some sort of variation allowance with existing contracted players to go past that period of time, that's a more immediate issue that's going to get dealt with our players currently on lists, and that will play out in the period of time post 1st June."

When asked about adjustments to current long term contracts held by players, Peos was uncertain as to what AFL player contracts would look like heading in to 2021.

"Everything is on the table. Everyone who is involved in the game and in the industry wants to see us get up and have a sustainable future."

"All parties are in the same boat, we know where we are for two months. Beyond that we don't know."

"Players will have to make adjustments to their lives if it goes beyond that, but we'll have a lot better handle on what the future will look like by June."

IMAGE: The West Australian.


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