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PFA considering Olyroos appeal

Professional Footballers Australia is considering an appeal to suspensions handed to four Olyroos players handed down by the FFA.

Olyroos captain Riley McGree, Perth Glory's Brandon Wilson, Lachlan Wales and Nathan Anderson were stood down for "unprofessional conduct" relating to an incident on a tour in Cambodia earlier this year.

The FFA has suspended the quartet from selection until August 1, 2020 accept McGree only until April 1, 2020.

PFA CEO John Didulica speaking on SportsLine said they had until Thursday to make a decision on whether to launch the appeal.

"My strong advice to the players is not to react immediately, take some time to think about it, talk to your families about it." Didulica said on SportsLine.

"They are all young players who were illegitimately disappointed with their errors in judgement they know that they can do better."

"For them they need to balance out a sense of justice they may have and what's best for their long term health interests to pursue this further."



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