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PFA set to launch legal action against Sage

Legal action is brewing between Perth Glory and Professional Footballers Australia after owner Tony Sage issued a stand down notice to all Glory players.

The PFA has served Sage a letter of demand seeking the players immediate reinstatement.

PFA CEO John Didulica believed in these times a commitment to a collaborative approach was required.

“The PFA continues to call for a collective solution to address our game’s challenges, as has been the approach adopted by the AFL and sporting bodies around the world. However, Tony has shown his preference for unilateral, reckless and unlawful action." Didulica said.

“A fortnight ago, it was fine to relocate players to the east coast away from their families and expose them to a global pandemic. Now, when the opportunity arises, it is considered acceptable to stop paying them. These are not the traits of a sport that values its people.

“We are positioned to take the same course of action if any other A-League club owner elects to take this course of action in contravention of both the law and the sports broader needs at this time.”

The PFA will push ahead with legal proceedings against Tony Sage if he does not reinstate the players to the amount of $600,000 in fines pursuant to the Fair Work Act.

IMAGE: Fox Sports

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