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PFA vent frustration at lack of decision making

Professional Footballers Australia CEO John Didulica has criticised the lack of decision making from the FFA as the pay dispute between some club owners and the players continues.

Didulica pointed out that between the handover of control of the competition between the FFA and the club owner model no one was in a position to make a decision.

"Yeah I think that's a really good observation, that's probably been at the crux of why it's taken a little bit longer to work through, the league itself doesn't have a fully crystallised governance model." Didulica said.

"When decisions such as these need to be made, big decisions that have huge implications need to be made really quickly where sort of looking to see who's calling the shots and the reality is there's nobody there who has the capacity or desire to make those decisions."

"The pandemic has certainly caught football at the wrong time in terms of the decision making structure."

Whilst the two parties have "engaged constructively" Didulica did not rule out proceeding with legal action.

"We've made an undertaking to the club owners that we'd put pause on that.

"We still challenge the legal felinity if you like of the stand down notices, we don't believe they apply to footballers but in the spirit of working with the clubs with only a collective, unified solution was workable we parked it so we could have constructive dialogue. If we can't that dialogue if it starts to become a waste of our time when we will just reactivate that legal process."

Perth Glory and Central Coast Mariners players and staff have been stood down without pay during the current COVID- 19 crisis.



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