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Pyke forced to apologise again

Former Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke has been forced to admit the club "got it wrong" following revelations from former players Eddie Betts and Josh Jenkins.

Betts and Jenkins were both present at the mind-training camp designed to strengthen mental capacity following their loss to Richmond in the 2017 grand final.

Pyke who is now an assistant coach at the Swans spoke at Melbourne Airport after Sydney flew into town ahead of Sunday's clash against the Kangaroos.

“Firstly with Eddie and Josh, the fact that they feel that personal information they provided was used against them is disappointing and that’s unacceptable and we’re saddened by that and sorry by that,” Pyke said.

“We entered a space to improve from a performance view point and that space had some challenges and we got it wrong.

“I mean, I think that has to be acknowledged. Whether it was our planning or whether it was our assessment, whether it was the execution or the follow-up, or the de-briefing following the events of the camp. Clearly it was an error and I’ve apologised to the playing group before and I apologise again.

“I respect Eddie and Josh for speaking out and saying their piece about how they felt about the camp. It’s put it on the table and the agenda for discussion and it’s important that we have the discussion and we try and deal with the issues that arise from that.

“And if there’s still people with ongoing issues, we support them and we try and actually move on from here. It’s a challenging time for all of us, but it’s one which we’ll get through hopefully.”



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