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Quality people drew Harris back in

Darren Harris is returning home signing on to be the coach of West Perth for the next two seasons.

Harris was removed as the coach of Claremont just 10-days after taking the Tigers to the 2020 grand final.

Speaking on Sports Breakfast this morning Harris said returning to work with the group of coaches was exciting for him to get back involved.

"I guess when you have a love for the footy club that helped set you up in life in a lot of ways and it's just part of who you are."

"Sitting in the room with that group of coaches are realising, and I already knew it, what a quality group of men they are it just excited me to be able to work with them."

Harris also confirmed they were in pursuit of delisted Eagle Mark Hutchings and hoped his previous enjoyable time at the club would be enough to get him over the line.



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