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Re-scheduled Shield match unlikely

Western Australia and Victoria are set to share points after their abandoned Sheffield Shield match.

Cricket Australia have proposed dates in early March to replay the fixture but it remains unlikely due to the jam-packed schedule.

WACA General Manager of High Performance Kade Harvey said the WACA were still looking at the proposed dates.

"I can't see the game being re-scheduled to be honest." Harvey told SportsLine.

"The schedule is tight enough as it is without lobbing another four-day game in, I'm not sure how that will come about."

"It would be played in Perth, it's something that we are open to, but just looking at the way the schedule is, I can imagine that it is going to be a challenge."

The WACA will wait for more information on dates from Cricket Australia Head of Operations Manager Peter Roach before making a final decision.

"My gut feel is splitting the points, taking some bonus points and we just move on."



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