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Redevelopment not draining Sharks finances

East Fremantle Oval is currently out of action due to a $33 million renovation that is set to be completed in the middle of 2024, with the project slowed by a delayed start due to rising construction costs.

Sharks CEO Todd Shimmon is confident the ongoing redevelopment of East Fremantle Oval is not hampering the club’s finances.

Shimmon told Sports Breakfast the club’s forward planning had ensured it was in a strong position.

“We knew we had to see a reduction in our balance sheet over the last two years, which has been done. We lost $700,000 [last year] and we lost another $250,000 this year,” Shimmon said.

“We do have to find some money in the area of making sure our fit-out is done properly to the way we want it, and actually make sure we’ve got a fair proportion of our history relayed onto the building and into the building.

“I’ve got no worries with where the finances are going for the future, and actually I think we’ll be a lot stronger once we’re in the redevelopment.”

The Sharks play their first game for the year at their temporary home of the WACA Ground this weekend, with Shimmon saying it was an outstanding venue for WAFL football.

“Changing a cricket ground into a football ground does take a bit of time and a bit of work,” he said.

“The staff at the WACA have been outstanding in setting up and changing things for me, I was out there last night just checking the lights for our colts game on 5:15 on Saturday night as well.

“The goals go in tomorrow morning, so you can see how they’re planning it to the last minute.”

Elsewhere at the club, East Fremantle’s board ratified a contract extension for senior coach Bill Monaghan before the season got underway, with Shimmon saying it was a simple decision.

“Bill has been with us for four years, he brought the group from a poor-performing group to a group that is actually knocking on finals and consistently looking at finals,” he said.

“We can see the development in all the players, we can feel how they’re responding to Bill. It was a pretty easy decision for our board.

“If you’re comfortable that the coach has actually got them to the place where you want them to be and it’s progressing the right way, I see no problem with announcing before the start of the season.”

The league clash between the Sharks and Perth gets underway at 11:40 am on Saturday, with the early start due to Channel Seven broadcasting the game.



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