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Richardson Proud To Be Back

Western Australian fast bowler Jhye Richardson says he's proud to be back in the Australian setup ahead of their tour of South Africa.

"I'm really happy with the way I matured over the season. I started off where I left off a year or two ago, having our plans but not really understanding why or how (we executed them)." Richardson said on Sports Breakfast.

"But now I'm really satisfied in that I can recognise these moments a bit more and adapt to conditions a little bit more."

The right arm seamer has had a long road back from injury after he dislocated his shoulder at the end of 2019, but says he's been pleased with how he's returned.

"It's been a long road back, and definitely a frustrating one. But I'm reaping the rewards now, and lucky enough to have a good enough season to get back in the Aussie side. My bowling is completely fine - it's all good. Throwing is coming back and is on an upwards trend at the moment, so whilst there is a long way to go - there are really good signs."



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