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Round four WAFL preview

Round 4: Statistical Previews

Swan Districts v Claremont

Fact: Claremont have won the last nine games against Swan Districts. Swans last beat Claremont in round 7, 2017. A win for Claremont will equal their longest winning streak against Swans of 10 wins set twice previously, in 1938-1941 and 1969-1972.

In 2022: Claremont lead the lead in disposals (346.3 per game) and handballs (142.3) whilst Swans lead the league in marks (99.7) and free kicks for (25.3). Both teams average 44 inside 50s per game.

East Perth v Subiaco

Fact: Subiaco have lost their last three games which they had not done since 2013 and a fourth consecutive loss will give them a 0-4 start for the first time since 1993.

In 2022: These teams rank #9 and #10 for marks, with Subiaco averaging 77 per game and East Perth 67.7 per game. The league average is 83.67 marks per game.

Peel Thunder v Perth

Fact: Peel Thunder have won more games against Perth then they have won against any other team, winning 28 out of the 60 games they have played including four of the last five and 13 out of the last 16.

In 2022: These teams rank #8 and #9 in disposals per game with Perth averaging 311.3 and Peel Thunder 311. The league average is 324.5.

West Perth v South Fremantle

Fact: Despite West Perth defeating South Fremantle in the last games between these teams at Joondalup, South have the best record of all teams at the ground winning 20 out of 30 games or 66.67% West Perth have won 167 from 270 games at 61.85% and have the second best win percentage at their home ground. South Fremantle have won 14 out of the last 16 games against West Perth.

In 2022: These teams rank #1 and #2 in kicks per game. West Perth average 214.7 and South Fremantle 212.3 per game.

Upcoming Milestones:

150 games:

147: Fraser McInnes (P, EP, WC)

100 games:

99: Mark Hutchings (WP, EP, WC)

98: Shayne Hille (EP)

98: Aidan Lynch (WP, EP)

98: Dylan Main (SF)

50 games:

49: Eddie Simpson (EP, C)

48: Josh Cuneo (SF, EF)

48: Josh Rotham (WC, EP)

48: Tobe Watson (SD, PT)

48: Callan England (C, EP)

47: Brayden Ainsworth (P, WC, EP)

47: Hayden Busher (P)

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