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Ryan Campbell out of hospital

Former Australian cricket Ryan Campbell has been released from hospital in London after recovering from a serious cardiac arrest.

Campbell suddenly fell ill and was given CPR on the scene before being rushed NHS Royal Stoke University Hospital, spending seven days in a coma.

The 50-year-old is now expected to make a full recovery with Tests ruling out a heart attack.

Campbell said it was seven-days of his life that he will never remember.

"My wife said my odds were like seven per cent or something, which means I get a second crack at it and I'm going to make sure I live it to the most and have a lot of fun.

"They've definitely ruled out heart attacks, and they're saying my heart is in perfect condition," Campbell told TripleM.

"It's one of those weird things that no one can put a finger on it.

"My surgeon said it's great news that you're as fit as a bull, but the bad news is I can't tell you what happened, which makes you a bit nervous."

Campbell is expected to return to his coaching duties with the Netherlands in the near future.



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