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Sage set to sell stake in Perth Glory

Perth Glory owner Tony Sage has confirmed plans to sell part of the club to the London Football Exchange.

Sage who has held sole ownership since 2009 will meet with the LFE on Wednesday telling #SportsLine that he was hopeful of finalising a deal in the coming hours.

Sage said they are almost at a deal although there are a couple of issues to still be resolved in terms of sole ownership and pay. "Hopefully we can get those resolved in this trip and announce it [officially] today, tomorrow or the next day if we come to an agreement."

When asked about how much he would like to keep of the club Sage said he would like to keep 30-40% but the LFE are pushing to be sole owners.

Sage said he won't do the deal for anything less than 20%. "I've been [at the Perth Glory] for 14 years, I've been a fan for 25. Part of the deal is I get to stay on as chairman which is great but I still want to have an ownership."

Sage was adamant that the Glory brand would not change in either name or the colours that the club wears.



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