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Saville undecided on Wimbledon turnout

Russian-born Daria Saville believes she can no longer return to her place of birth following the Ukraine War.

Saville formerly Gavrilova has been vocal in her non-support of Russia's invasion of the country recently tweeting "Putin, stop the war."

Speaking at the French Open Saville said she was in full support of the Ukrainian players.

Wimbledon has been stripped of players being able to earn ranking points in a decision made by the ATP and WTA due to the All-England club's decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from next month's tournament.

Saville is undecided whether she will partake at the event.

"It's a bit tricky with points. I have to make a decision whether it's worth it to play (Wimbledon) qualifying or maybe I play the week before. I'm still weighing it up.

"The prize money at Wimbledon is good, That's why I'd like to qualify, but I'll make that decision later.

"I mean, it's tough. I think Wimbledon's still going to be Wimbledon. Some players say it's an exhibition - I don't think it's ever going to be an exhibition.

"Whoever wins Wimbledon is still going to be a Wimbledon champion."

Saville has moved through to the second round at the French Open.


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