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Schloithe wants WAFL start date

South Fremantle 2017 Sandover Medallist Haiden Schloithe admits he wants an answer from the WAFL on a potential return date, as WAFL clubs return to training in groups of 20 this week.

The Bulldogs commenced training at Fremantle Oval on Monday night, under the watchful eye of coach Todd Curley.

The two-time club champion said it was a bizarre experience for the playing group.

“It’s definitely unique, it’s pretty hard to describe actually,” Schloithe said.

“You’re used to go to football training, head down to the change rooms and have a yarn with the boys. Last night it was literally rock up, get out of your car separate yourself as best you could from everyone and get in to your area of where you were going to be for training. "

“It was definitely different, but it was good to get back slowly and start taking steps towards a return to footy.”

Schloithe said the training session had it’s challenges, with contact between players prohibited.

“The little things of training, like giving your mate a pat on the back or a high five and all those sort of things. It’s really strange,” he said.

“We’ve sort of been in it for a couple of months now, so you are sort of used to it a little bit. But being back in footy clubs you like to give everybody a hug and all that sort of stuff. It’s hard not to do that but we’re coping.”

The Amateur season has set down for July 18 as the date for a potential season start, but the WAFL is yet to announce a possible date for the competition to commence.

Schloithe said he was keen to know what dates were on the table for the competition.

“100% I would (want a date), but you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors,” he said.

“It’s been pretty tough for them as it is, they probably don’t want all WAFL players, coaches and clubs nagging them for an answer. I’m sure that’s what they are working on. It would be nice to get some sort of direction on a possible season date.”

Crowds being able to attend matches is pivotal for the competition is vital, with the viability of a WAFL season of any description dependant on the revenue of fans attending matches.

Schloithe admitted he had periods where he struggled for motivation during the initial stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, but was now keen as ever for football to return, his next match set to see him become a life member of the club as a 150 game player.

“Early on, when this all came out there was rumours going around there would be no football at all. Obviously we wanted to keep it safe so we did our own running and all that sort of stuff,” he said.

“Some times it was very unmotivating, I definitely did have those thoughts going through my head (not worth keeping fit and training). Knowing that I only have one more game before I reach life membership at Souths, that keeps me motivated. Hopefully we have some football again soon.”

Contact training is allowed for clubs as of Monday May 25th, as the wait continues for a possible start date for the 2020 WAFL season.

IMAGE: The West Australian.