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Serong keeping clear of COVID threat

The Dockers continue to be on edge as their cross town rivals are struck down with COVID ahead of this weekend's Western Derby.

Speaking on Sports Breakfast rising star Caleb Serong said COVID continued to provide a constant threat.

"Yeah, it's very real. The reality is it could happen you don't have to look to far you just have to look down the road and how it's effected West Coast."

"For us we are doing everything to keep it out of the building we understand it's going to get in at some stage and we just need to try minimise the outbreak."

Ruckman Sean Darcy fell on his ankle during Sunday's clash and is set to miss Sunday's Western Derby.

"He'll do everything he can to get up he's ankle pretty swollen at the moment and it's pretty sore, he's a great asset to our team and I'm guessing they'll give him up until the last minute on Sunday to get up."

In the off-season the AFL announced crackdown on umpiring and Serong said on-field the approach to umpires was very different.

"The umpires have been really good, to be honest I was really worried at the start that everyone might get caught up in the emotion and 50's and free kick would get paid but the umpires have been really understanding and along as you not disrespectful it's a good environment to be out there."



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