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Siddle moving to Tasmania

Former Australian quick Peter Siddle has settled on Tasmania as his new home for the next two seasons.

Speaking on #SportsLine Siddle said it took a bit for him to come around to the decision of leaving his home state of Victoria.

"It has been a long process and obviously one that wasn't easy to make but I'm only getting older, I've got to look to the future a little bit and working with the playing group and coaching group down there will be good for my development which may end up being in coaching down the track." Siddle said.

The 35-year-old won't head straight to Tasmania immediately due to COVID- 19 restrictions but hoped to be able to join the group for some part of the pre-season.

"At the minute I'll continue to stay in Melbourne and do my preparation but once the borders open up and get in there without being stuck in a hotel I'll look to get down there and join up with them.

Siddle has Big Bash commitments with the Adelaide Strikers plus also in the UK during the Aussie winter and will juggle his living arrangements.

"I'll be down there as permanent as I can be when I need to be."

Meanwhile, Siddle believes that not being able to apply saliva on the ball will be a big issue.

"I don't use saliva on the ball anyway I use the sweat I've got on my forehead, I know a lot of blokes just use sweat but it's more just finding moisture if you can't use the saliva you've still got the sweat so I can't see it being a huge issue.

"But a bit more grass on the wickets I don't fast bowlers around the country would mind that at all."



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