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"Soft" Wildcats facing game three decider

The Taipans have forced the semi-final series against the Wildcats into a decider following a 85-74 win in Cairns.

Bryce Cotton who was the difference in game one scoring 42-points could only find two shots in the first half and finished the game with only 11-points and one three pointer.

Sunday's game was over at half time when Cairns opened by a 16-point lead.

Perth struggled to find an answer for Cam Oliver who had 22-points and 19 rebounds.

Coach Trevor Gleeson post match said his sides performance was unacceptable.

“We just have to be more aggressive. I thought they were more aggressive at the start of the game,” Gleeson said.

“They had a bit of an edge on them. I thought we were pretty soft. It was only the second half that we played aggressive, Wildcats basketball.

“The scoreboard takes care of itself and you’ve got to play at the right level. We didn’t play at that level in the first half.”

Nick Kay was the shining light for the visitors scoring 10 points and collecting 10 rebounds.

Game three is at RAC Arena on Thursday night at 6:30PM.



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