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Spinners need to use their skills

Former Australian and Victorian spinner Bryce McGain says upcoming spin bowlers in the country need to continue to develop their craft to help combat unfriendly spinning wickets.

NSW spinner Stephen O'Keefe recently stated that flat wickets in Australia were not doing enough to help produce to next wave of spin bowling talent coming through the ranks.

Recently Queensland leg-spinner Mitchell Swepson was left out of the Bulls opening two Shield games due to more fast bowler favourable conditions.

"Look it's a really interesting conversation." McGain said.

"It's the same conversation Cricket Australia were having 10-years ago, that's it's too flat and difficult for spinners and it is frankly, it hasn't changed since they begin covering wickets."

"I think some of the things that the spinners need to learn to do is knowing when to hold, knowing how to stop the opposition from scoring and a lot of is bowling length. The next level of development for a lot of these spinners is what you can do in the air, how do you present the ball, what's what Warney called it."

"But if you can drift and drop it, change your angle go over and around the wicket, use the crease close to the stumps, wide of the stumps can still create wickets and wicket opportunities."

"After seeing the Victoria v New South Wales game at the MCG, O'Keefe is the master of that."

"There's a lot of be learnt strategically and tactically by spinners to take themselves to the next level and to bowl well on dead surfaces."



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