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Steven won't require more surgery

Geelong's Jack Steven won't require anymore surgery on a stab wound to the chest.

Cats GM of Football Brad Lloyd said the 30-year-old was "very lucky" to have not done further damage.

“It’s being investigated by the police at the moment so we’ve got to be very careful not to speculate and make assumptions. We’ll allow the police to do all their investigations and at the moment the focus is on health and support for Jack,” Lloyd told reporters on Monday.

“Our medical team have spoken to the trauma doctors at the Alfred (Hospital). Where he received the injury was under the right thoracis in his chest. Jack’s very lucky as we speak.

“He is recovering, he doesn’t require any further operations, doesn’t need any exploratory surgery, so that’s a real positive in what is not a great circumstance.”

Steven is recovering in the Alfred Hospital.



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