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Subiaco prepare to be the hunters

Subiaco coach Beau Wardman believes his side becomes the hunters rather that the hunted in 2020.

Speaking on SportsLine the WAFL premiership coach says his side will continue to challenge.

"Oh well, I think this year we are hunting the rest of he competition." Wardman said.

"It seems as though that everyone is writing off Subi against what we have been able to achieve over the past few years."

The WAFL placed restrictions on the club in order to help equalise the competition.

"It's well documented the work that gets put in, restrictions that have been put in place but what anyone can't deny and what they can't take away is going to be our spirit, our culture and work ethic over the next12-months to make sure we are playing the very best football that we can to take it right up to the competition.

"A lot of the clubs will be coming to get us and we need to be ready to defend what we've built over the last couple of years and be on the front foot with it."

Subiaco have added Lewis Upton and Jake Farmer Jnr from the North Pilbara Football League to the clubs squad.

IMAGE: Subiaco FC


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