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Super Netball League decider headed to Perth

Just a month out from the decider the Super Netball League has announced a deal to bring the grand final to Western Australia.

The match will be played at RAC Arena on Sunday July 3.

Under a new format, the League will predetermine the Grand Final venue ahead of each season, with the announcement to be released with the fixture.

The decision moves away from the team who wins the major semi-final being able to host the final match of season.

For the first time in Suncorp Super Netball history, $100,000 in prize money is up for grabs for the premier, and $25,000 for the runner-up.

In response, the Australian Netball Players Association said players were "shattered."

A statement read: "unilateral, rushed, late-season, and fundamental change of the competition playing arrangements, and the manner in which the players have been treated before and after the decision,"

The ANPR went onto say it wasn't the first time the players hadn't been consulted on a significant comment.

"It demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of why we play and what we have sacrificed,"

Netball Australia CEO Kelly Ryan said: "We understand the netball community is disappointed by the timing of this announcement. We had to move quickly to secure this funding investment for our sport,"



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