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Taylor signs with WAFL club East Perth

Former Sydney Swan Elijah Taylor has signed on with the East Perth Football Club.

Taylor will land at the Royals after a transfer with Perth for Ajang Ajang was arranged.

East Perth Board Member Kim Farmer said on the clubs website:

‘Elijah is a young man, a talented footballer, who we look forward to assisting and guiding through a pivotal time in his development’

‘As a Club we do not condone acts of violence or any breaches of the community and our Club's safety and good standing.’

‘However, Elijah acknowledges his wrong doings and with the support of his family he is committed to working towards redeeming himself.’

‘We recognise Elijah's youth and the measures he has taken to address his actions and the Club is committed to give him support and an opportunity to continue to learn from his mistakes, whilst, returning to play at a State League level in the WAFL in 2022.’

Taylor's comeback with the Demons mid last season was halted after the 20-year-old was in a car accident.

IMAGE: The Australian

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Kevin David
Kevin David
Sep 14, 2022

About time

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