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Tszyu putting his name on the map

Boxing commentator Ben Damon says Australian champion Tim Tszyu’s international profile is continuing to grow after another win.

The 28-year-old son of Russian-Australian legend Kosta retained his WBO super welterweight world title and maintained his spotless professional record by defeating American Brian Mendoza on the Gold Coast on Sunday.

Damon told Sports Breakfast Tszyu’s fights had been positively received and well-supported in America.

“They were very excited about what Tim Tszyu was able to bring. The good thing is that’s the last three fights that have been live on Showtime for Tim Tszyu out of Australia” Damon said.

“He’s making a name for himself. He went in with a very famous surname but they all know about Tim Tszyu as well now.

“Tszyu is on the rise internationally, and he’s already a superstar right here at home in Australia.”

Tszyu won the fight against the American by unanimous decision, with Damon saying he was impressed by his ability to work through the gears.

“It was quite a cautious and methodical start from both fighters, I think they respected each other’s power. Certainly Tim knew what Brian Mendoza possessed and it was well-documented in the lead up to that fight just how big a puncher he is,” he said.

“The first four rounds went by with plenty of entertainment and some good shots, but no one really throwing much caution into the wind.

“Around round seven was when Tim Tszyu really hit the accelerator and from then on he was thoroughly dominant. It was really quite unbelievable that Brian Mendoza kept his feet through rounds nine, ten, and eleven when he took so many uppercuts and big left hooks and big right hands.

Tszyu called out Jemell Charlo, the holder of the other three super welterweight belts, after the fight, saying he hoped to take on the American at the famous T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

A bout between the pair was scheduled for last year but was postponed when Charlo broke his hand, with Damon saying he was hopeful it could now be confirmed.

“He’s certainly a chance. It’ll take a lot of back and forth, not only with the international promoter … that’s the most important conversation to be had,” he said.

“They would need to push Charlo towards that Tim Tszyu fight. He went up two weight divisions to make a lot of money against Canelo Alvarez, he’s not going to make that sort of money for what would be an undisputed fight against Tim Tszyu, but it is a really marketable fight.

“That is the most obvious fight, that is the fight everyone is hoping for, and ideally that’ll take place sometime early next year.”

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