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Vlahov hopeful on Cotton and Kay return

Perth Wildcats legend Andrew Vlahov says he holds no grudges towards Bryce Cotton and Nick Kay after they opted out of their contracts.

"If I was in their position, I would have opted out too! Because you can always opt back in, and you get to test the market" the former Wildcats owner said on Sports Breakfast.

"Where are they going to go that's going to be as safe, as professional and that even had a functioning league? So I think ultimately, I am very hopeful - and I'll roll out the basketball gods prayer mat - that those two return to the club after testing the market.

"I hold nothing against them whatsoever - it's a smart decision from them. But if you can find a better place to play than Perth, I'm a monkey's uncle."

Vlahov also told Sports Breakfast that he would have liked the NBL to handle things differently when it came to the contractual situations of the leagues biggest stars.

"I think they've made the right decision in their fiscal responsibility to the league. However, I think it could have been tweaked and done in a better way."

"What I would have liked to have seen would have been a one player per club exemption. Take Cotton for instance - we would have been able to negotiate separately with him and his management for a separate deal, rather than this league-wide beheading of salaries."

You can hear the full interview below, and subscribe to the Sports Breakfast podcast.

IMAGE: Hammerdoc

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