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WA keen to prove doubters wrong in Women's State Game

It’s a special weekend for West Australian women’s footy. 

Saturday marks the first time Western Australia takes on South Australia’s finest in the Women’s State Game after a long history in the men’s game. 

The two sides will battle it out at Optus Stadium before the West Coast Eagles take on Essendon in the evening. 

WAFL Women’s State coach Jack Schwarze, who also coaches Claremont in the WAFLW, says the vibes are high among the squad ahead of the match. 

“It's always interesting when you get a state team together, they're from all different clubs, and they've still got to compete against each other on the weekend,” he said. 

“They're all banged up and sore from their game and then they're going to train together and somehow build some connection and they did that amazingly. 

“So really high energy, really good training and really excited about the way that they're actually going to connect and get together. 

“They're very keen to prove to a lot of the Eastern states and anybody else who thinks that the SANFLW is above the WAFLW at the moment, we're keen to prove them wrong.” 

Among the squad are numerous WAFL superstars, like Jayme Harken - last year’s Dhara Kerr medallist, former AFLW players like Maggie McLachlan, and National Academy standouts like Zippy Fish. 

Claremont and West Perth boast the most representation of the clubs, with seven players each, while East Fremantle runs second with six. 

Since the WAFLW’s inception six seasons ago, there has been a strong rivalry between Claremont and East Fremantle. However, Schwarze says the players from the two sides have gelled well, despite the competition.  

“They seem to feed off each other and get some extra little competition. So it's actually pretty good to see that they're getting along really well,” he said.

“The two clubs have been up the top for a while because they've got so many good players. They've picked themselves and they deserve to be in there and they're able to challenge each other. 

“They're really well complemented by quite a few of the other girls from the other clubs that have been there, even the ones that have been unlucky to be pushed out of the side.”

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