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WAFL releases more 2020 season details

The WAFL will play 16-minute quarters plus time on in season 2020 to fall in line with the AFL.

With the potential to play Wednesday night matches in the shortened season players would be able to turn around in a shorter timeframe.

Broadcaster Channel 7 along with the WAFL are keen to explore midweek content with the AFL set to schedule weekly Thursday night fixtures.

Reserves matches could fall back to 25-minutes and Colts will be determine on the national model set by the AFL.

Total player payments have been reduced to $6250 per week meaning a total of $50,000 can be spent in the eight-games, nine round season.

Clubs will be able to decide whether they will spend the full amount or not depending on their financial situation.

It is also highly likely that one venue will be used to broadcast matches to save costs on equipment needing being carried around the metropolitan area each week.

WAFC Executive Manager WAFL and Football Operations Scott Baker speaking on #SportsLine also didn't put a line through the last possession rule being implemented.

"We surveyed the clubs on that and majority of the clubs were keen to look at it." Baker said.

"Now we have locked in the broad framework we'll get the working group back together over the next couple of weeks and look at rules you don't want to throw tradition out the window but you might be able to try one or two things and you might come up with something."



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