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Waterman's health on the mend; Eagles future unclear

Jake Waterman’s manager Paul Peos says his client is on the mend and looks to have a positive long-term health outlook after being diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis.

Waterman, who has kicked 79 goals across 84 career games for West Coast, fell ill when the Eagles travelled to Adelaide three weeks ago and the serious stomach issue was eventually found after specialists were brought in, with a worst-case scenario threatening to end his AFL career.

Peos told Sports Breakfast identifying the 25-year-old’s ailment had proven difficult but he was responding well to his initial treatment.

“He’s been battered around a little bit and lost a little bit of weight and condition,” Peos said.

“His spirits have been picking up a little bit and he’s gradually on the improve, I think. I had a chat to him yesterday and he sounded a little bit more like the Jake we know.

“We’re pretty hopeful that he’s still got plenty of football and life as a professional athlete to come at this stage, but he’s still got a few hurdles to work through.

“It’s about getting the treatment at a balanced level and it just takes a little bit of time to get to that point.”

Waterman’s father Chris, an Eagles legend in his own right, expressed his disappointment with the club earlier this week, saying they could have done more to check on his son while he was in hospital.

Peos said his client had not communicated any similar feelings on the matter.

“It was a pretty dramatic period and things were happening pretty fast. Jake was ill and not responding very well to anything or anyone,” he said.

“Very concerned parents. Even talking with his mum at length yesterday, she’s still very tender and pretty upset at the health situation that’s transpiring with Jake.

“I think there was some communication drops through that process that heightened some emotions through the early part of it.

“Jake’s a pretty quiet fella, just gets about his business.”

Waterman is out of contract at the end of the season, with Peos saying discussions on a new deal would go on the back burner while he recovers.

“I’ve had a good strong indication from the Eagles that he’s a required player. [Recruiting manager] Rohan O’Brien and myself have had a number of conversations about how that might look for Jake going forward,” he said.

“As I sit here today, I feel like there’s a preference for all of that to come together.

“We’ve had expressions of interest from other clubs asking where the status is with Jake.”

IMAGE: The West Australian.


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