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Why Petruccelle Chose Footy Over Basketball

West Coast Eagles speedster Jack Petruccelle has praised the AFL development system, saying he might have gone into basketball if the sport had a similar setup.

"Football was never number one for me - it was always basketball. Looking back now I think I was pretty silly. The pathway in footy in Australia is so much better so when I look back now I feel a bit silly taking basketball as far as I did because the pathways for basketball are so much harder," Petruccelle told Sports Breakfast.

"I did love basketball, but I wish I'd played footy throughout and chosen it earlier rather than putting it on the back seat."

Petruccelle admitted he hasn't seen the first two episodes of Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance yet, but is looking forward to binge-watching it when it is all released.

You can catch the interview in full below.

IMAGE: West Coast Eagles


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