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Wildcats left to rue defensive errors

The Wildcats have slumped to their third loss in four games falling three-points short of the Sydney Kings 98-95.

Vic Law had the opportunity to snatch victory from deep for the Wildcats with just 13-seconds on the clock but it rattled off before Xavier Cocks put the icing on the cake with a slam dunk to finish the game.

Wildcats coach Scott Morrison left to reflect on the nail-biting finish.

“It was tough because they kept going on runs and I felt I had to use my timeouts to try and slow their momentum and reorganise us, and I used my last timeout try and get a break for a couple of guys because they’d played a lot of minutes in a row, and I didn’t have any left to try and calm things down." Morrison said.

"I thought the guys did a pretty good job fighting back in it. It definitely wasn’t the last two minutes that cost us the game.”

Bryce Cotton scored a season-high 33 points, Luke Travers amongst the points scoring 16 while Mitch Norton and Vic Law contributed with 14 points each.

Perth are back in action taking on the South East Melbourne Phoenix on Saturday.

IMAGE: Getty Images

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