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Wildcats score big over 36ers

Despite Adelaide having the most shots in one game in the NBL all-season the Perth Wildcats have run away with a 95-73 victory.

What made the victory even more astounding was the Wildcats shooting at just 30 per cent.

Wildcats coach Scott Morrison post-game said it was a bittersweet performance.

"We hit our goals in terms of trying to keep them under a certain number of points and things like that, but any time you give up 22 offensive rebounds, you have to feel pretty fortunate that you came away with the win.

“We are seeing that when we’re really locked in and communicating and executing our system that we are a better defensive team than we’re giving ourselves credit for. I think that’s because of the rebounding - with the exception of the last three games - has been our Achilles heel.

“But I give credit to the guys. Our rebounding was pretty poor but we did a pretty good job of not giving them easy ones after that second chance.”

Bryce Cotton, Vic Law and Todd Blanchfield all scored over 20-points.

Perth take on Melbourne United on Thursday night.


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