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Write-off Wildcats at own peril

Fox Sports Basketball Commentator Lachy Reid says don't stress, don't worry about the Wildcats form.

Perth let go an 11-point lead in Saturday's game against Cairns to lose 91-84.

"I think a combination of a few things." Reid said when asked if the Wildcats put the cue in the rack in the last quarter.

"Should have finished the job off, the Cats were good enough to win that game."

"Cairns incredibly shot eight of ten three-pointers in the final quarter."

Terrico White was missing from the clash and should be back in the near future.

Reid says that travel won't be used as an excuse but they have spent a whole lot of time on the road.

"The experts in the east will come hard in the next 48-hours that they aren't as good as Sydney or Melbourne, but they'll get back White and play more at home and start to get it together."



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