This is Harley Reid’s world and we’re all living in it. 

The 19-year-old sensation delivered another breathtaking performance and was instrumental in Waalitj Marawar’s (West Coast) upset win over Naarm (Melbourne) on Sunday night. 

With 21 touches, seven clearances two goals, and other spectacular moments, Reid lit up Optus Stadium in only his 9th game of AFL footy. 

Former Eagle Peter Sumich has brought into the hype, but says he hasn’t quite hit his ceiling yet. 

“He’ll have his ups and downs, and there’ll be some pressure on him throughout, but he seems to be handling it well,” he said. 

“In two or three years, he’s going to be probably the best player in the competition.

Right now, I would have a couple ahead of him.“He just needs to get his consistency right, which he will over the next 12-24 months, then build his body to make sure he’s playing a good four quarters of AFL football. As a young kid now, he’s not there yet, but that’s why you’ll see great moments within the game.” 

After last week’s hanger, Reid had another two highlights to add to his resume. 

One of his goals came from a centre clearance, from which he took the ball, bounced it three times and sent the ball sailing towards goals. 

The Tongala product also laid a double fend-off on Melbourne midfield duo Christian Petracca and Clayton Oliver during the third quarter. 

While a centrepiece of Reid’s game, Sumich says he may not get away with fending off in the future as much as he is now. 

“At ground level, he seems pretty good. Handballing, he wants to fend off, which is fair enough and he’s getting away with it now. As the years go on, players will understand what he’s trying to do,” he said.

“Petracca and Dusty Martin, back in the day were both doing it, more probably Dusty. He didn’t do it as the years went on, he did it less and less, and I think that’s what will happen. 

“He needs to get that quick hands into his game, which he will develop as he gets a bit older.” 

With Reid’s spectacular show rightfully taking up a lot of discussion space of the game, it’s important to note a team-wide effort got the Eagles the 35-point victory. 

In the forward line, Jake Waterman didn’t miss a beat after missing last week’s game under concussion protocol – booting five goals to put him equal first in the Coleman medal. 

Down back Jeremy McGovern and Tom Barrass were solid, combining for 16 marks and 17 intercepts. Meanwhile, second-year Reuben Ginbey delivered a strong performance, accumulating 21 touches, six clearances and a goal. 

Sumich puts Waalitj Marawar’s win down to ‘attitude and effort,’ stating that it goes a long way. 

“If you’ve got the right attitude, then you give great effort. It goes a long way for you to be in most games,” he said.

“It doesn’t get you always a win, but it puts you in most games and that’s what I noticed last night.

If the Eagles can maintain that even on an away basis, they’ll be in a lot more games and put themselves with a chance to win, even away. But if they bring that same attitude and effort every week, they’re going to be very, very competitive.”