Former Premiership Eagle Peter Sumich says the lack of response from the board following Sunday’s disappointing performance against Hawthorn is ‘bizarre.’

West Coast has come under fire for their lacklustre showing at Optus Stadium on Sunday in which a youthful firing Hawthorn outfit handed the West Coast a 61-point belting. 

The Eagles kicked four goals for the afternoon, and the final margin could have been far more damaging if it weren’t for Jeremy McGovern and Tom Barrass in defence. 

Speaking ahead of round 17, Sumich believes more of West Coast’s coaching staff and board members should answer to the press. 

“I feel for the players,” he told SportFM.

“As much as they run out there and play the game, the motivation and the way they play, the majority of the time comes from the coach.

“It just seems like the West Coast seems to be putting all these players up for interviews. I haven’t seen any of the assistant coaches up. 

“In my time, under pressure, I was up, I was interviewed and others, Tony Micale, and we were out there front and centre if we weren’t going. 

“At the moment it’s all about the players. I don’t see anything from the coaches or the board.”

On Wednesday morning Jamie Cripps gave his thoughts on the disastrous performance against Hawthorn on Sports Breakfast.  

Additionally, co-captains Liam Duggan and Oscar Allen have both fronted the media in some capacity since Sunday. 

Coach Adam Simpson has also done two interviews since Sunday. 

However Sumich has called the lack of response from the board ‘bizarre’ and ‘frustrating’ for fans. 

“The people who have stuck by and you see the crowd, it’s forty-odd thousand every week and they keep going. 

“These are quality people who are supporting the club, but what is the club giving back to these people? 

“That’s the sad part and that’s the frustrating part.

Sunday’s result has once again sparked debate surrounding Simpson’s future as head coach of the club.

While Allen has expressed the playing group fully supports their coach and has taken responsibility responsibility for their performance during his mid-week press conference, there is growing pressure for the board to take action. 

Sumich says he hopes the board is currently taking this action and that questions need to be asked about Simpson’s future. 

“It’s never personal. You’re in the firing line as a coach, as an assistant coach, as a player,” he said.

“You’re always in the firing line because that’s what you sign up for.  

“At the end of the day, Adam’s been a terrific coach.. but sometimes you’ve got to say yourself – Where’s it all going here? Am I getting the best out of this playing group? 

“Sometimes you have to say to yourself, enough’s enough and I’ll move on and we’ll go from there.